You want to know that you’re doing everything that you can in order to get your website noticed. But, there is a point where search engines are going to feel that you’re “trying too hard” in order to get the job done. Are there certain things that you need to try and avoid in order to make sure that your SEO doesn’t suffer? Here are a few things that you need to look at.

  • Annoying ads or pop-ups. We all hate it when we’re trying to get on a website and it starts screaming because of a video that automatically started playing when you clicked on the website. Or we get irritated because some ad pops up shortly after we click to get on the website. All of that can be infuriating if all you want to do is look up something, so don’t do it on your website!
  • Stuffing too many keywords. If you’re starting to put a lot of keywords on your site and it just becomes a bunch of jumbled up mess that is filled with keywords, search engine bots are not going to like that at all. Make sure that your content is clear and that it actually serves a purpose instead of just being a link farm filled with keywords.
  • Forcing people to buy an app to view your site on mobile. If a search engine bot gets blocked from your site on mobile devices because you need to use an app to view your website, then they are not going to make it a top result, period. You can suggest an app on the top of the mobile site, but don’t make it inaccessible otherwise or you’re going to end up taking a bit of a penalty for it in the long run.

Whenever there is some new change to the Google algorithm, we hear a lot of comments from people who are freaking out as to how it is going to impact their websites. And while those freak outs are frustrating, it is the people who do not even realize that something is going on who are in the most trouble. The Google algorithm has always gone through periodical changes. But what we have noticed is that the changes are more frequent and impactful now as compared to a few years ago. But why does this matter for businesses? We can explain.

The reason why it matters is when a change is made to the algorithm, it means the method of sites being ranked on Google has changed. And what that means is if your site was in the top five positions when people would search for related keywords, a tweak to the algorithm could drop you to anywhere from the top 50 to the top 200. It could be completely random, and you would not even realize that something has happened.

But how can you prevent such an event from happening? While you cannot stop Google from making changes, and you cannot make a precise prediction of how they are going to tweak the algorithm, there is always something that we can do about those changes. And what we can do is ensure that we have an SEO expert such as working for us. But in order to understand why we need an SEO expert to provide assistance, it is a good idea to understand why the Google algorithm matters so much. That will give you some insight as to how this could impact your company.

Importance of the Google Algorithm

Most of us use Google when we are attempting to search for something online. If you are using a smartphone, it is probably an Android, and Google is the search engine that is associated with that platform. But even if you are on a computer, or using an Apple phone, you have probably chosen Google as your search engine because it is the one that gives users the most speed and features. But what does this mean in the business world? It means that your position in those search rankings is what matters more than anything else. And when something has a negative impact on that position, it is going to have a seriously negative impact on your company in the short term.

How Changes Impact All Businesses

It does not matter if you are running a blog, ecommerce business or some other type of operation. You could be involved in the retail or the restaurant industry, and you would still feel the impact. Let us say that you have a restaurant in a small town in England and you are using your site as a means to get people to check out your place.

Yes, you have your regular customers and they will not care whether you have the top or the 100th spot on a Google results page. They already know what you have to offer. But it is the new customers that you are missing out on when a Google algorithm change is made. In the past, your site was one of the first ones that was seen when people entered your town’s name and your type of restaurant in the search bar. For example, if someone searched for an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, the place that you are running is the one that was among the top three or four results.

With algorithm changes, that position is compromised. If you are lucky, the changes made no difference to your position, and you still have that high spot. But there is a good chance that things have changed, and now your business is not even showing up in the first page. That is a major issue, and one that will result in your competition getting a lot of business over you from new customers.

Reacting to Algorithm Changes Quickly

The biggest decision that you can make is to work with an SEO expert who keeps an eye out for any changes. The best experts are the ones that have some idea about what changes are coming. But even if a change occurs that an SEO expert was not expecting, they are the ones who can react within hours. They will understand the change, how it impacts the SEO that was done on your site, and how they can tweak the SEO situation to ensure that your site is now back near the top of results pages for related keywords.

It does cost money to have an SEO expert working on your site – there is no getting around this fact. But if you compare the money spent on regular SEO as compared to the money you would lose if your site had a low position on search engine results pages, the money that you would lose is much more. It is an investment in your company, and an investment that will help you in the short and long-term.

Website Design and Your Business

The Google algorithm impacts more than SEO. It also has an impact on site design and performance. Google does take into account how sites are designed, and especially how they perform. Each algorithm will give a site’s performance different weight.

The best way to ensure that you are always in a good position with respect to these changes is by having a website design expert managing how your site looks and how it performs. This means ensuring both the desktop and mobile versions of the site look great, and ensuring the site loads very quickly on all devices. Sites that take ages to load are going to frustrate potential customers and cost you positions in search engine rankings pages.

When SEO and website design are being enacted in tandem, you are going to see the best results. Your site looks great, performs very well, is optimized for keywords and will be in a strong position regardless of Google algorithm changes!